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Gender inequality is something that is widely discussed, but most people don't know what they can do to make a difference and promote equality in their daily lives.

Inequality is the result of a mindset. In order to change this mindset we need to address the way we speak to one another. We need to be kinder.


Promoting gender equality through gender empathy

Disney's Happy Run
Disney's Happy Run
Kill It With Kindness

Phase 1: Spread Awareness

We start by showing people that the words we use against each other have an impact that should not go unseen.



Day of Kindness

Once the countdown is over phase 1 is complete and we start to show people the difference that being kinder can make.

Pop up events will happen across the country on the Day of Kindness

Phase 2: Make a Change

On the Day of Kindness, the campaign will transform and become a starting point for changing the way we speak to one another.


A special Instagram account will post stories of people impacted by words. Once someone likes one of our photos, they image on their feed will change to one that is more positive and represents their kindness.


A unique emoji will allow people to easily show their support for one another on social media.


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