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A new immersive experience in NYC calls for some experts: posing and posting experts

Instead of installing standard-issue scaffolding Manhattan West, wanted to approach the inevitable eyesore in a more creative way—and that’s how Citrovia was born. For Citrovia’s launch, we opted to work with five real influencers instead of models, knowing that influencers could more authentically share the full Citrovia experience with their followers. We showed people where to take the best photos, and even sent ambassadors out onto the streets of New York City to generate more buzz.

Associate Creative Director: Michelle Greenbaum

Copywriter: Victoria Velez

Photographers: Sarah Rocco, Claudia Schultz

Videographer: Ian Moran

Producer: Kaleigh Wright

Art Direction


Prop Styling

Summer Launch Content

Winter Content


Shorty Awards Logo

14th Annual Shorty Awards
Finalist Physical and Digital Convergence


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