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The back to school season brought a unique opportunity for IKEA to relate directly to college students and help them relax.

IKEA makes a lot of items that you can tap, with a lot of products benefits to whisper about, making ASMR the perfect social phenomenon to tap into. So we made a 25-minute ASMR video dedicated to the many, many product benefits of IKEA’s Back To College range.


Creative Director: Della Mathew

Associate Creative Directors: Ashley Ventre, Holden Rasche

Art Director: Doh Lee

Director: Geoff Levy

Art Direction


Hand Modeling

Case Study

Full 25-minute video


When it came to Instagram, we used the trend #oddlysatisfying to our advantage with repetitive visuals and sounds.


1 (1).jpg

2018 One Show
Bronze Innovation in Branded Entertainment

Merit Branded Entertainment Long Form Single

Merit Social Media Single

Featured In

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