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Roscato’s Instagram is a place to check your bad vibes at the door, gather the squad, and keep the wine flowing.

For their evergreen content, Roscato wanted to engage their audience by speaking their language and inspiring them to live life the Roscato way. We captured content with seasonal shoots featuring trendy models, fun activities, and plenty of Roscato wine.

Creative Director: Emily Blumette

Copywriter: Danny Wallace

Photographers: Sarah Rocco, Claudia Schultz

Videographer: Ian Moran

Producer: Kaleigh Wright, Audrey Kurtz

Art Direction




Camp Roscato

The grills are hot. The drinks are cold. And the company is unbeatable. We geared up for summer Roscato style.

Flavors Launch

Peach, Tropical, Blueberry, and Black Cherry are here to stay. We're showing off the new flavors and owning our sweet spot.

Witch Season

Halloween without Roscato? Witch, please! For this Roscato spooky season we are channeled our coven and cast a moody spell on the Instagram feed. 

Roscato Halloween Reels

What happens at the holiday party...

The end of 2022 means blowing off steam and partying in style. We decked out Roscato's holiday content with luxurious party vibes.